Spring 2017: Industry and Research Roundtable from ESTELA and the Moroccan Industry Cluster (MSC)

Following the fruitful outcome of a workshop related to international cooperation with Morocco and more specifically with the  Moroccan Industry Cluster  (MSC) (www.clustersolaire.ma), a dialog between ESTELA and MASEN has started about concrete cooperation initiatives with the view to give to the concept of “Euro-Mediterranean cooperation” a practical dimension via initiatives of common interest.

The Moroccan Solar Cluster works in close contact with MASEN and gathers a total of 60 full members and around 300 entities (industries and institutions having an interest in renewable energy and clean technologies) belonging to the Moroccan solar and renewable community. Their goal is to promote industrial development through several services starting from incubation and entrepreneurship to networking, technical assistance, funds, advisory, business intelligence and capacity building. The Moroccan Solar Cluster aims also at fostering international partnerships especially with emergent African countries through collaborative projects and events.

The possible partnerships between ESTELA members and the Moroccan Solar Cluster basically focus on 2 targets:

  1. Industrial innovation through collaborative projects between members of each partner, in order to allow for expertise transfer and capacity building (here are the Research Centers members of ESTELA addressed)
  2. Industrial deployment (business opportunities) through creation of Euro-Mediterranean joint-ventures in relation to renewable projects (among which STE/CSP) with a special focus (but not exclusively) emergingAfrican markets.

In order to initiate this process, ESTELA and MSC jointly propose to organize an INDUSTRY and RESEARCH Round Table as a 2-day event to be held in Marrakesh in Spring 2017 (tentative date: end March- begin April).

This event would be open to European and Moroccan entities and placed under the patronage of Moroccan officials (MASEN), EU officials and possible ministries.

The tentative program is:

  • Day 1 Morning: Key-note addresses, mutual presentations (ESTELA/Cluster) Discussion (Which “win-win” partnerships are achievable at EuroMed level in the short term?)
  • Day 1 Afternoon: B2B meetings (based on registrations – attendants will be notified to all participants in due time)
  • Day 2: Further B2B meeting as needed and/or visit to Noor site or any other site / facility

To indicate your interest, please contact ESTELA directly before 10 Feb 2017 (http://www.estelasolar.org/contact/)