CSP Benefits

Base load capability, security of supply, network stability

Integrating thermal energy storage enables the on-demand provision of electricity at almost no additional cost 24/7, even when the sun is not shining. Therefore, concentrating solar power (CSP) is an important complementary to wind and photovoltaics in the mix of renewable energies in terms of security of supply and network stability and enables secure load cover without expensive energy storage.

Compatibility with conventional power plant technologies

CSP can be integrated in conventional power plants with additional steam generation based on other fuels (fossil or renewable). Fossil fuels can be saved and CO2 emissions can be reduced or the overall capacity of the power plant can be increased. 

Multiple applications

In contrast to photovoltaics, CSP is not limited to electricity generation, but can also supply process steam. The steam generated with solar energy can be used in refrigeration systems, sea water desalination plants and petrochemical processes. 

Macroeconomic benefits

The implementation of solar power plants has a high macroeconomic benefit in the target market regions by creating jobs and integrating local businesses. Also in German, business and research insitutions along the value chain established themselves and strengthen Germany’s position as a site for innovation and business.