EU Council agrees on 2030 framework

On the 23rd of October the Council found agreement on a 2030 framework:

  • 40% CO2 reduction
    • 43% ETS & 30 % non-ETS, along with a stabilisation mechanism for the ETS
    • MS with a GDP per capita of less than 60% of the EU average will be allowed to continue allocate free allowances till 2030
  • 27% binding RES target at EU level by 2030
  • 27% indicative energy efficiency target by 2030
    • This will be reviewed by 2020, having in mind 30%

The Council reiterates the urgency of arriving at 10% of interconnection (Barcelona target).

A 15% interconnection target for 2030 is maintained also. The EC is asked to report regularly on progress and both targets are expected to be attained via the implementation of PCIs

The full text is available here.