German CSP becomes a full member in the European Association ESTELA

German CSP became a full member of the European CSP Association ESTELA. This step is a consequence since German politics in energy, economic and environmental affairs and consequently also the chances for CSP technology have been substantiall influenced by decisions taken at the European level. German CSP fully supports a joint and effective represnetation of the national CSP associations at the EU level and wants to contibute to maintaining the position of SCP technologie as an important part of European industry and research affairs.

Marcel Bial, Secretary General of ESTELA in Brussels, welcomes this step taken by the German CSP industry: “Together with the support from national associations in Spain, Italy and France, we consider the membership of the German CSP a strong sign to forge a dynamic alliance for Europe’s solar industry.”

We are looking forward to our joint thematic and political cooperation with ESTELA in Brussels. We will keep you informed about ESTELA’s activities and latest developments on our DCSP website and in our newsletter.

Link to ESTELA: