Concentrated Solar Power must be an integral part in energy, climate, economic and foreign policies at German and European levels

German Industry Association Concentrated Solar Power Presents Policy Paper. In its 2014 Policy Paper, the German Industry Association Concentrated Solar Power (DCSP) suggests the Federal Government to have interdisciplinary conversations on successful positioning of concentrated solar power in the long term. The Association demands: CSP must be a vital part of German energy and economic Affairs.

Berlin, 2nd January 2014

In their first Policy Paper 2014, the industry association points at the social, economic and environmental opportunities associated with the expansion of concentrated solar thermal power. Germany is the leader in research and implementation of technologies using concentrated solar thermal power. To ensure this position, more investment in research and development of the technologies and their applications are necessary. The association’s Policy Paper is published to start a dialogue with political decisionmakers and to discuss the opportunities of targeted support for the industry. “Solar thermal power plants have gained legitimacy in the international energy mix by providing power on demand and making a valuable contribution to energy security. The German market will also benefit from this advantage. Moreover, we want to talk to politics and the industry associations”, says Dr. Patrick Haibach, Director of the board of DCSP.

DCSP suggest the following measures in its policy paper:

  1. Concentrated Solar Power should be an integral part in energy, climate, economic and foreign policies at the German level.
  2. The Federal Government should advance concentrated solar power in European directives, in particular in the framework of climate and energy goals 2030.
  3. The Federal Government should emphasise concentrated solar power as a technological option especially in the context of development cooperation and the International Climate Initiative.
  4. Promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation projects for the demonstration of innovative German technologies
  5. Promote research and development of innovative technologies also in cooperation with international partners
  6. Promote demonstration projects of innovative technologies in emerging and developing countries
  7. Promote training and qualification in new markets with a focus on emerging and developing countries

The complete Policy Paper is available for download under this link.

Who is entitled to join DCSP?

Companies, research institutions, universities or interest groups (NGOs, associations, foundations, etc.) from Germany, who are active in the field of solar thermal power and heat generation and work on the promotion of solar thermal power and heat generation. Individual natural persons who have proven special achievements in the field of solar thermal power and heat generation.

About DCSP

DCSP was founded in 2013 and is the successor of the former Network German CSP. It is the Goal of DCSP to promote power and heat generation from solar heat and to enhance the opportunities and the market positions for German companies when competing with international stakeholders. At the moment, the association has 30 members covering the complete CSP value chain. It starts with project development, planning, engineering and services, supply of components, system integration to owners and operators of solar thermal power stations as well as research institutions.

The Board

Dr. Patrick Haibach, Chairman of the Board, Director Strategy and Business Development Schott Solar CSP GmbH Prof. Dr. Ing. Robert Pitz-Paal, Chairman, Director of the Institute for Solar Research at the German Center for Aviation (DLR) Martin Schlecht, Board member, founder and CEO of Suntrace GmbH Andreas Wittke, Board member, CEO of der Novatec Solar GmbH

Founding members

Abengoa Solar | CSP Services | DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt | Fichtner Solar | Fraunhofer ISE | hogrefe Consult | IA Tech | ILF Beratende Ingenieure | KAEFER Isoliertechnik | Kraftanlagen München | Lahmeyer International | M+W Germany | Novatec Solar | protarget | schlaich bergermann und partner, sbp sonne | SCHOTT Solar CSP | Solar Tower Technologies |Solar-Institut Jülich | Solarlite CSP Technology | SolEngCo | TSK Flagsol | TÜV Rheinland | enolcon | erfis | GRENZEBACH Maschinenbau | HAWE Hydraulik SE | KSB | LEONI | toughtrough | Suntrace

About Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) means generating electricity by means of solar thermal power stations. This technology helps to provide electricity, heating and cooling in the world’s sunny regions. The integration of thermal energy storage gives the opportunity to provide power on demand. Moreover, CSP also works in combination with other fossil or renewable energy sources or existing power stations.

Contact person:

Verband der Deutschen CSP – Deutsches Industrienetzwerk Concentrated Solar Power e.V. Clausewitzstraße 7 10629 Berlin Germany T: +49 30 609839438
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