Brazilian online platform on CSP is online!

Brazilian online platform gathers information on Concentrating Solar Power

The “Plataforma Online de Heliotermia” (Online Platform for CSP) was launched on 12th May 2015 and works as the first official Brazilian website about Concentrating Solar Power (CSP). The Platform compiles and disseminates information in Portuguese and with a regional focus. A shorter English version can be accessed here.

The website is an outcome of the Projeto Energia Heliotérmica (DKTI-CSP Project), a partnership between the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development, through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, and Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). As stated by the GIZ’s Director for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Brazil, Torsten Schwab, the platform “is intended to provide high quality knowledge on CSP and, at the same time, create a network of people who know how to identify opportunities, evaluate project proposals and implement concrete CSP projects.”

“Brazil, as a tropical country, has great potential for harnessing energy from the sun,” says the General Coordinator for Sectorial Technology of the Secretariat of Technological Development and Innovation (Setec) of MCTI, Eduardo Soriano. “The great advantage of CSP is that we can produce both heat for industrial processes and electricity – which is crucial in a time when the diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix is ​​essential in order to reduce dependence on water cycles” he added.

The CSP Online Platform is divided into two main sections: the open area and the exclusive area for registered users. The first one, accessible to all visitors, contains informative pages and news about Concentrating Solar Power. The exclusive area, which can be accessed after subscribing, offers scientific articles and specialized information for those who study or work with the theme. In this second part, users can find market and research guides, in which companies, government agencies and financial, research and development institutions can register to compose an overview of the organizations related to CSP.

If you look for more information or have interest in talking directly with one of the project coordinators, contact Francisco Rocha at