Our sections

The sections are oriented at the association’s objectives

The members are committed to in-depth work on the various objectives of the association in various sections:

  • Technics
  • Politics & Society and Public Relations
  • Markets


Knowledge serves as the basis for future political and economic decision-making. At the same time, knowledge is also the basis that drives technologies. The section “Technics” is working on documentation of the members’ knowledge and experience as well as external industry partners with the following key areas:

  • Technology
  • Added value
  • Jobs

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Pitz-Paal“Technics” – Head of Section
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Pitz-Paal
Telephone: + 49 2203 6012744
E-Mail: pitz-paal@deutsche-csp.com

Politics & Society and Public Relations

One of the association’s key tasks is addressing political decision-makers with lobbying efforts and driving the cooperation with other associations and institutions. The section “Politics & Society” supports the association with their assigned tasks as elaborating DCSP policies, key messages and requirements. This includes in particular:

  • Performing stakeholder analyses
  • Soliciting and carrying out informative and counselling meetings with political decision makers and actors of the energy and finance sectors
  • Proactive networking

Concentrated Solar Power incorporates various technologies and a number of applications. To make the public aware of them, a lot of information is needed. The section “Public Relations” focused the added value the relevant technologies entail and emphasises on communication with German CSP stakeholders. The sections key areas are:

  • Website content management
  • KDeveloping communicative tools regarding new topics
  • Developing and producing the association’s marketing material and publications
  • Supporting press and media relations in particular with briefings as preparations for interviews and events

Joachim Krüger„Politics & Society“ and “Public Relations” – Head of Section
Joachim Krüger
Telephone: +49 39972 56970
E-Mail: krueger@deutsche-csp.com


The main focus of the section „markets“ lies on:

  • Preparation of market analysis
  • Development of country profiles
  • Production of stakeholder analysis for the target markets
  • Development of specific messages for the target markets
  • Development of market development strategies

Oliver Baudson“Markets” – Head of Section“
Oliver Baudson
Telephone: +49 221 925970857
E-Mail: baudson@deutsche-csp.com