Event Documentation: 18.03.2021: 24/7 Heat & Electricity Powered by the Sun The Combined Forces of Solar Energy (CSP, PV, ST) and Thermal Energy Storage

Official side event of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2021

18. March 2020, 2 pm – 5 pm CET, Online

Here you can download the documentation of the webinar, organized by the German Association for Concentrated Solar Power (DCSP), the German Solar Association (BSW) and the German Energy Storage Systems Association (BVES) as official side event to the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue.

Session 1: Solar Process Heat for industries and thermal storage 

KeynoteCSP & solar thermal heat for industry: Current costs and drivers, & outlook for CSP to 2030Michael Taylor, International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA

Projects and technologies:

  • Solar Process heat for industries and utilities – experiences and future developments,Yuvaraj Pandian, Solarlite CSP Technology
  • Solar Orange Juice in Cyprus: Process Heat for the Food Industry,Martin Scheuerer, Protarget
  • Clean Industry Solutions, Paula Alfonso, Industrial Solar
  • Renewable Process Heat Plants within the Gas Sector, Roland Heinzen, EnerSolve GmbH
  • PCM systems in practical applications, Dirk Büttner, Axiotherm
  • Heat-Recycling for a Better Future, Martin Schichtel, Kraftblock
  • Decarbonizing ENI refinery by solar energy storage, Hannes Reuter, EnergyNest

Session 2: PV/ CSP Hybrids and Storage: cost efficient flexible renewable energy 24/7

Keynote: CSP-PV Hybrid Concepts for low Cost Dispatchable Power, Robert Pitz-Paal, Institute of Solar Research, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Projects and technologies:

  • Economic evaluation of different operating modes of hybrid CSP-PV, Klaus-Jürgen Riffelmann,sbp schlaich bergermann partner
  • Integrated CSP-PV-Hybrid (ICPH) - Green Energy for Hydrogen Production,Oliver Baudson, TSK Flagsol
  • Integrated CSP-PV-Hybrid (ICPH) – Performance Enhancement by Hybridization,Stefanie Randig, Siemens energy
  • Just Hot Air?, Caspar von Moy, Heliovis
  • The benefits of energy storage for the energy transition, Martin Schlecht, Suntrace
  • High-Temperature Steel Storage. Heat & Power for Local Value Creation through Emission-Free Sector Coupling, Constanze Adolf, Lumenion [Enter] [Enter] 

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