15.-16. April 2019: Future Solar Energy Summit 2019

Energy security is a significant part of sustainable development in terms of economic growth of the Mediterranean area. The growing energy demand of region and more pressure on conventional energy utilization disadvantages directed us to set up The Future Solar Energy Summit 201 in order to promote clean solar energy practices in the Mediterranean region. As a solar market, the region’s solar power potential is so huge and has the capacity to generate and supply electricity to Europe in the near future. Market development in

the region is critical to the next wave of global investments in solar energy applications that will accelerate the global progress of solar energy toward grid parity. However, there are some obstacles that prevent investors to get advantages of the market opportunities. Therefore, let’s hear some suggestions from the experts that will address these challenges in order to create the milestone solutions in the industry. Overall, the event agenda will help to let the Mediterranean area as a region South Europe and North Africa meet with new technological advantages and accelerate the solar energy deployment.

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