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German Association for Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated Solar Power is the practice of generating electrical energy from solar power stations. Concentrated Solar Power can be used to generate electricity, heating, cooling, and drinking water from solar energy in sunny regions of the world.

In contrast to other forms of renewable energy, CSP enables safe and reliable power supply without cost-intensive energy storage. Integrating thermal energy storage containing solar heat makes it possible to provide electricity on demand 24/7 at almost no additional cost, even when the sun is not shining.

In addition, CSP can be combined with an additional steam generator based on other renewable or fossil fuels within a single power station. In combination with heat storage and with other types of fuels, CSP power stations can provide electricity continuously at base load operation levels just like a conventional power station. The major parts of the technology for CSP power stations are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Based on their longstanding pioneering commitment to research and development, German companies have made major contributions to establishing CSP as a reliable, cost-effective and affordable power plant technology.

The German Association for Concentrated Solar Power

was established in September 2013 as the new legal form of the “German Industry Network Concentrated Solar Power” founded in 2011. Among the members are consulting and engineering companies, manufacturers of components, owners and operators of power plants as well as research institutions. The portfolio covers the whole CSP value chain.

The association’s objective is to join forces and interests of the market players in Germany and enhance their chances in international markets. In their latest policy paper, DCSP explains the social, economic and environmental opportunities of a global expansion of CSP and how the federal government and parliament can make their contributions to utilize these opportunities.


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